Privacy Policy

Keeping client information secure is a top priority at Insurance Services. This document outlines our privacy policy and how we protect and use the data you provide to us.

Your Personal Information

The personal information clients provide us is collected solely for the purpose of providing clients with Lafferty Health Insurance services and benefits. This information is protected by Lafferty Health Insurance by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards.

Personal information we collect about you comes from one or more of the following sources: paper application, faxed application, and web application. Personal information collected includes, but is not limited to: name, address, city, state, zip, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth, and gender.

We may disclose any or all of this information based on business need only, to our Affiliates, service providers, third party service providers, provider networks and other suppliers of products and services to Lafferty Health Insurance clients.

Lafferty Health Insurance will maintain client information even after our relationship is terminated for any reason. This information will be protected in the same manner as that of an active client. A client may request in writing at any time after discontinuing the client relationship to remove the information from our file.

Sharing Information with Lafferty Health Insurance Affiliates and Service Providers

Lafferty Health Insurance will share client information with its Affiliates, related companies and service providers to the extent it is necessary to provide Lafferty Health Insurance services and benefits to the client. Unless otherwise permitted by law Lafferty Health Insurance will not share with these parties any information it collects that is not needed by these parties to provide the services and benefits to the client. These organizations are not authorized to use client information for any purposes other than for Lafferty Health Insurance business.

Sharing information with Third Parties or Service Providers not affiliated with Lafferty Health Insurance

Lafferty Health Insurance will not share, sell or otherwise disclose to any third parties not affiliated with Lafferty Health Insurance client information collected by Lafferty Health Insurance. This includes other service providers and marketing organizations not directly related to providing Lafferty Health Insurance client services.

Lafferty Health Insurance Commitment to clients

Keeping our client information secure and using it only as needed for business reasons to provide services to our clients is a top priority to Lafferty Health Insurance. We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information provided to us by our clients. We will permit only authorized employees who are trained in the proper handling of client information to have access to that information. Employees who violate our Privacy Policies will be subject to our normal disciplinary process.

We will not reveal client information to any external organizations (other than Affiliates and service providers mentioned above), unless the client specifically authorizes us to do so or as required by law. We will always maintain control over the confidentiality of our client information. Whenever we hire other organizations to provide support or services to Lafferty Health Insurance, we will require them to conform to our privacy standards and allow us to audit them for compliance. We will attempt to keep client files complete and up to date and accurate. A client can contact our Client Services Department at any time during business hours to correct or update any information. We will not make available information we have collected in connection with or in anticipation of a claim or legal proceeding.